Make money on the UFC, Bellator, & more.

Most of our tips are for the UFC, but we occasionally cover other events as well as long as they are widely available to bet on.

Result Overview: 

  • Total Units Profit: 107.6
  • ROI: 38%
  • Average Odds (Decimal/Moneyline): 2.7 / +170
  • Average Bet: 1.56 Units

2019: +61.6 Units.

2018: +45.3 Units.


We maintain consistency by keeping variance to a minimum, no stupid parlays, no betting half your bankroll per event. If you want a higher risk/reward, simply increase the amount of units you bet.


We charge just $30 a month.


All of our tips are 3rd party tracked. This means we cannot lie about our results, even if we wanted to.